Thursday, June 7, 2012

Helping Animals When You Don't Have Cash by Labavenger

How to help animals when you don´t have cash

I´ve heard it many times from all types of people: ¨I wish I can help, but I´m out of work¨, ¨I have too many expenses¨, the list of excuses goes on and on. 

If you really want to help animals, money is not a problem. You only need to dedicate time and effort.

Here is a small list of whay you can do to help save animal lives: 

a) Please install the free Pet Pardons app on your facebook page. Hit advocate daily to save as many animals as possible. You can also go to and look for other free ways to help animals. 

b)  Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, and tweet some more. 
Believe it or not, crossposting lost/found, abused and urgent death row animals on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and other sites does help and saves lives !

c) Install the free Save a Dog  app on your facebook page. It is a fun and easy way to help rescue animals on a daily basis. 

d) Visit and click to help save pets, seals, big cats, wolves and others. It´s FREE and sponsors turn your clicks into donations that help animals. You can also sign animal welfare petitions. 

e) Go daily to  answer a simple trivia question and  they will donate free food to shelter animals, even if your answer was wrong ! 

f) Make sure you visit The Animal Rescue Site  click once daily on the purple botton, they will donate food to rescued animals.You can also sign petitions, send e cards, etc. All of these actions help save animals lives, and cost zero to you ! 

Finally, I recommend you follow on Twitter: 

@exposeDOGkiller, @happydawgblawg,  @DogRetrievers,  @Defenders,  @captiveanimals, @AbusedNYCHorse, @SaveLennox, @P4Animals, 

@FreeTonyTiger, @UrgentPart2, @SaveLucy, @StopSlaughtrACC

 and every single real animal lover you find on Twitter. Animal lives depend on you !! 

Please remember to adopt/foster or rescue animals. DON´T buy animals from pet stores, websites or elsewhere, there are already too many animals waiting at shelters.  Animals at High Kill shelters are on DEATH ROW, and need you to act extra fast! 
If you know somebody that wants to surrender a pet or a farm animal and has no intention of changing his mind,  ask that person to give his/her animals  only to an animal loving friend or family member. Animals that are surrendered to High Kill shelters or pounds are at high risk or getting killed at any time! Farm animals that don´t get rescued end up either abused or dead! 
If you can´t adopt/foster or rescue, please crosspost as many urgent animals as you can. Don´t forget to tweet about abused, abandoned, lost/found pets and about saving farm animals and wildlife.  If you see a stray, lost/abandoned or abused animal DON´T look the other way, call a true animal lover or a real No Kill animal rescue and give food and water to the animal in the meantime. 

Picture: Wim Mulder