Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Try Pet Airways by Labavenger

Pets flying in the main cabin?: Try Pet Airways ! 

Air Plane 

Have you ever wanted that pets and other animals don´t have to go through the horrors of fying in cargo? Well sometimes dreams come true. At Pet Airways your pets fly in the main cabin in a safe environment, and constantly monitored by a flight attendant. 
So forget about booking a flight on a regular airline, that will only treat your beloved best friend as luggage. Forget about your dog, cat, pig, etc having to endure a long flight in a cargo area that is not presurized. No more artic cold or extremely warm weather for your pet.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dog Training using Positive Reinforcement by Labavenger

Dog training should not make you mad: Use Positive Reinforcement ! 

Take a look at this great video by Victoria Stilwell, and see for yourself why positive reinforcement is the best way to teach a dog how to behavePlease never yell at your dog or abuse him in any other way, he´ll only be scared of you and in the end won´t learn as much. Victoria Stilwell is one of the world´s best dog trainers and you can watch her show It´s Me or The Dog for more info.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hero Dog by Labavenger

Ghost or angel dog?: Let´s go  with HERO dog ! 

Angel dog? 

The white dog in the picture might well be a ghost or angel dog. The woman who took pictures of a stray mom and her three puppies says the white dog has a halo around him and never eats, he just watches over the family of stray dogs. 

These innocent stray dogs live in the area around a church in Dallas and the white dog looks around for any potential dangers to the family of strays. 

It doesn´t matter if you believe in ghosts, angels or anything else. What matters is that the white dog is a HERO, and the mom and her three puppies deserve to be adopted by a loving family ! The streets are not a safe place and these innocent animals might get in trouble soon! 

So, if you can adopt/foster or rescue this family of stray dogs in Dallas, please email the woman who took pictures of these dogs:


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Portable Dog Water Bottles by Labavenger

Portable Dog water bottles: Are they right for your pet ? 

Dog Water Bottle - Portable - Carrying Strap and Belt Clip Included - Handi Drink 17Oz 

If you and your pet like to take long walks and there is no clean water around what do you do ? 

Well you could buy a portable dog water bottle. No matter which brand you buy, they all serve their purpose of keeping your pet hydrated. However most portable dog water bottles have  flaws. For starters they normally can hold from 12 up to 20 oz of water. So if your dog likes to drink a lot during long  walks you´ll run out of water before the walk is over.

I use one of these portable dog water bottles and my dog likes to take walks of up to two hours long. I usually end up without water in less than an hour so I have to hurry back home. 

You could carry with you an additional water bottle, but it not be practical to carry more stuff around.

The second and maybe the biggest downside of most portable dog water dispensers is the fact that the drinking tray is way to narrow as you can see on the picture above. 

My dog has a hard time putting her tongue in there to get a drink of water.

So if you are like me and my dog, and like to take long walks you are better off with a collapsible bowl like the Kyjen Outward Hound 48 Ounce Port a Bowl . This pawsome portable bowl is much bigger and your dog will have no problems drinking from it. What about the water you ask? Well I reccomend you get a good old fashioned cantine.

Don´t forget to always have your dogs on a leash.. Yes even while they are drinking water. 

Hope these tips helped .