Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Protect your Dogs in Winter by Labavenger

How to protect your dogs in Winter

Winter is a difficult time of the year not just for humans, but for dogs as well.

There are a few things you should remember before taking your pets out of the house for a walk.

a) Beware of antifreeze and other chemicals when you take your pets outside

Don´t let your pooch lick his paws when he is on the snow. Antifreeze and other chemicals will attach to his paws and if he licks his paws he can get severely ill and even die.

Wash your pet´s paws with warm water and a washcloth right after your walk is over.

It is also good if your pet wears boots or you can also put a wax for sledding dogs calledMusher´s secret on your dog´s paws. Please ask a vet you trust before putting this sledding dog´s wax on you dog´s paws. 

Even if your pets wear boots or the wax for sledding dogs you must clean your pets paws entirely with warm water and a washcloth after each walk.

b) Your dog must wear a coat

Some people out there want us to believe that dogs don´t get cold because they have fur. But there is nothing farther from the truth.

The fact is that most breeds, specially short haired dogs, puppies, and ill dogs can feel as cold outside as a human with no coat.

You should get your dog a coat or sweater that has a turtleneck and covers the belly and the tip of the tail.

If you have any doubts on the type of coat your pets should wear this winter please ask a vet you trust. Please remember to always walk your dogs on a leash, have them wear an i.d. tag on their collars and ask your vet to put a microchip implant  on them. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy to Make Rope Toy by Labavenger


Easy to make rope toy for dogs

Has the recession affected you? Do you have enough money for dog food and taking your dog to the vet, but toys are out of the question?

Then your prayers have been answered. Go to your local hardware store, and buy 2 feet of a natural fiber rope like manila hemp (natural fibers won´t make your dog sick). Try to get a rope that is at least one inch thick.

Tie a knot on both ends of the rope, and that´s it!

A cheap and easy way to make a toy that your dog will love for weeks or even months (depending on rope quality).

Just remember to play with your dog for a few minutes. Make your dog bite on it, so he/she will be interested to chew on it later on.

Fun doesn´t get any cheaper than this.

Please ask a vet you trust if it ´s safe for your dog to be playing with a natural fiber rope, just to be extra safe. 
Please no matter how bad things are never surrender your pets to a High Kill Shelter or a No Kill Shelter. Please instead of surrendering your dogs, cats,etc if you  feel you can´t keep your pets, give them to an animal loving family/person that you know will give them a good home. Please e mail that animal loving family asking for pictures of your dog,visit him often, and ask for updates on  how he is doing. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Dogs Should Play Often by Labavenger

How to Get Your Dog Interested in Toys thumbnail 

Why dogs should play often ?

I was searching the web and found a few interesting sites about why it is important for dogs to play. I found out that it helps dogs relief stress, it gives them mental activity and it is a good exercise. 

It does not matter if you make your dog chase a ball in your backyard or pull on a rope toy you are holding. 

When your dog plays he releases much of the stress he has from being lying around on the floor or just because he wants to spend time with you.

If you are a busy person, just 15 minutes of retrieving toys will help a lot. Most dogs will get tired after chasing a ball or any other toy for fifteen minutes. 

So please spend just a few minutes with your dog as often as possible. 

They will thank you inmensely and you will be helping his mental and physical health. 

Please always watch your dog when you are playing, go to a vet you trust and have your pets microchipped . By microchipping your dog it will be easier to find him if he gets lost. 

Please ask your vet to spay/neuter your pet. Please adopt, foster or rescue dogs and other animals don´t  buy, please don´t support puppy mills. Finally, if you think you cannot keep your pets, give them to an animal loving family/person.Don´t abandon your pets at a No Kill Shelter or High Kill Shelter, please remember that all animals deserve a good life and to be happy. 

For more info visit :


P.S.: These two sites above were not the source for this article, but you will get a lot of valuable info by visiting them. 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Lost Pets by Labavenger

Hurricane Sandy´s lost pets: Help to find your best friend 

If you lost a dog, cat, hamster or any other pet here are a few recommendations to help you find your furry friend

a) Go immediately to your local animal shelter or pound and ask them if they have your pet. Please don´t forget to bring a picture of your dog with you. 

b) Place flyers: Yes, I know it sounds old school but flyers can actually help. Place flyers around your neighbourhood and city. Ask vets, dog trainers, animal shelters, etc permission to post your pet´s flyers so you have a bigger chance of finding your missing friend. 

c) Social media does help! Yes, even if you don´t like technology and computers, visit sites like Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets on Facebook. 
Twitter is a powerful tool as well, so post pictures and info related to your lost pet, and ask people to RT. Don´t forget to use hashtags like #HurricaneSandy so more people can read about your furry friend. 

d) If your pet is microchipped  provide your dog´s microchip info to vets, animal shelters, pounds, and basically anybody with a microchip scanner that can help you get your dog back.

e) Pray: I know it may sound silly if you are not Catholic and you are not a fan of God, but praying to St Francis de Asisi might actually help.

Hope these tips helped 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Helping Animals in Need by Labavenger

See an animal in need? Please help him immediately!  
I have always loved animals and I don´t know why but dogs are my favorite animals. Maybe is because they give us so much love and ask for so little. Give them food, water, regular visits to the vet , and love and they are happy to be living with us humans. 

I´ve always tried to do everything in my power to help save animals, I volunteer at a No Kill Shelter, I tweet petitions, sample letters etc, hoping people will get interested in rescuing animals from abuse. 

Sadly a few weeks  ago I made one of the dumbest mistakes of my life. I was getting home with my brother and his 18 month old daughter, and I was opening the door for them my brother said: ¨Look at the corner down your street¨ 

And there  he was an innocent mutt that just been hit by a car and was having problems with one of his back legs.  This sweet dog was walking on the sidewalk close to a  park. 

I said to my brother : ¨Let me open the door for you and the baby and I will go help him right away¨ So  I did that, I look for that innocent dog around the park and asked a man about the dog. He said : ¨That dog went down the street¨

I looked for him for a long time and I went several blocks away from the direction he was last seen, but I just culd not find him. 

I still remember that dog and I wonder whatever happened to him. Did a kind person pick him up, took him to the vet and adopted him? I hope so, because there are many animal lovers around my house. I called an Animal Rescue and send them a picture of the dog my brother took with his phone. But they could not find him. 

I got sidetracked less than 5 minutes opening a door and I lost him. Please, I beg you don´t make the same mistake I did. If you see a dog or any other animal in need, please rescue him immediately. Do some research and call a real No Kill Animal Rescue / Shelter if you cannot adopt/foster the animal yourself  ( and don´t know  real animal loving persons that are willing to help).

For more info on how you can help homeless animals please visit