Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the Vampire Diaries

We were lucky to be able to participate in another great opportunity that came up recently through The Artisan Group.  We were able to secure a spot that allowed us to create an item for the hit show the Vampire Diaries on the CW.  The item we created is Salavatore's Necklace named after the characters Stefan and Damon Salvatore, the two vampire brothers on the show.  If our necklace is picked by the stylist, it will appear on an episode.  Keep your paws crossed!!!

Link to the Vampire Diaries website

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Device to Help Small Dogs by Labavenger

A pawsome device that keeps small dogs behind fences

Safe Behind Bars Adjustable Harness protects your dog while on the go 

Have a small breed dog? Then you know what is like to worry because your fence cannot keep him inside your house. Small dogs can easily squeeze through the standard 4 inch  openings of picket style fences and balcony/deck railing. 

But now thanks to the Safe Behind Bars Adjustable Harness by Dog-gamutt those worries are over. Small dogs can play inside your yard and you can relax knowing they cannot escape. 

However eventough this harness is a pawsome  product, I  recommend you also buy a good pet gps  and have your pets microchipped by a vet you trust. The combination of all these devices will keep you completely stress free when playing with your small dog on your yard.Please watch your  pets closely all the time  even if you think they are safe, these pawsome devices cannot prevent pet kidnapping and other tragedies from happenning. 

Hope these tips helped.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue by Labavenger

Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue, Inc : A safe place for small animals 

We as humans often tend to forget that there are animals out there that need help. And when we do think of helping animals most of us focus only on dogs and cats. There is nothing wrong with saving dogs and cats, but there are many abused farm, circus, and lab tests animals that very few people seem to care about. Same thing happens with bunnies, hamsters,etc  and that is where Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue, Inc comes in.

So if you had a spiritual awakening and all of the sudden realize that God or whoever you believe in created dogs, cats and all other animals, then visit this link  to help. Please if you can´t donate you can always contact them at and ask them if you can volunteer at their shelter, how to help hurt or abandoned animals, etc.

Please remember that all animals give us so much and in return they only ask for love and respect. So please adopt/foster or rescue abused or abandoned animals. Do some research and  contact a real Animal Rescue so they can help the animal.