Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hero Dog by Labavenger

Ghost or angel dog?: Let´s go  with HERO dog ! 

Angel dog? 

The white dog in the picture might well be a ghost or angel dog. The woman who took pictures of a stray mom and her three puppies says the white dog has a halo around him and never eats, he just watches over the family of stray dogs. 

These innocent stray dogs live in the area around a church in Dallas and the white dog looks around for any potential dangers to the family of strays. 

It doesn´t matter if you believe in ghosts, angels or anything else. What matters is that the white dog is a HERO, and the mom and her three puppies deserve to be adopted by a loving family ! The streets are not a safe place and these innocent animals might get in trouble soon! 

So, if you can adopt/foster or rescue this family of stray dogs in Dallas, please email the woman who took pictures of these dogs:


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