Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue by Labavenger

Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue, Inc : A safe place for small animals 

We as humans often tend to forget that there are animals out there that need help. And when we do think of helping animals most of us focus only on dogs and cats. There is nothing wrong with saving dogs and cats, but there are many abused farm, circus, and lab tests animals that very few people seem to care about. Same thing happens with bunnies, hamsters,etc  and that is where Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue, Inc comes in.

So if you had a spiritual awakening and all of the sudden realize that God or whoever you believe in created dogs, cats and all other animals, then visit this link  to help. Please if you can´t donate you can always contact them at and ask them if you can volunteer at their shelter, how to help hurt or abandoned animals, etc.

Please remember that all animals give us so much and in return they only ask for love and respect. So please adopt/foster or rescue abused or abandoned animals. Do some research and  contact a real Animal Rescue so they can help the animal. 

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