Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outward Hound Dog Backpack: Two paws up! by Labavenger

Outward Hound Dog Backpack

I recently purchased the Outward Hound Quick Release Dog Backpack for my 28 kg Yellow Labrador and immediately I thought what a great device. 
This pawtastic backpack has straps,  padded buckle covers, etc to keep your dog comfortable while hiking or going on a camping trip. 

At first, my dog refused to wear the backpack because it was the first time she wore one, but I put it on her with a water bottle on one pocket and she was so relaxed that she felt asleep.

The Outward Hound backpack has pockets on both sides for storing water, camping gear, etc. 

Maybe the only thing I don´t like about this dog backpack,  is the fact that nowhere on the tags I could find the amount of weight you can put inside this pack so your dog does not get any health problems. 
Please consult your Vet regarding this.

Please if you go hiking, camping, etc with your dog you should always be safe. Please go to your vet and have your pets microchipped , this will help you get your dog back if he ever gets lost. A long range pet gps is also a good alternative, but please remember that it only works if your dog wears the collar at all times. Please also ask your vet if it´s safe for your dog to wear a dog gps tracking collar.  

Please always carry with you a cell phone, and take the trip with a friend or family member just to be extra safe. 

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