Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Support No-kill Shelters...by Labavenger

Support No Kill Animal Shelters and save lives ! 

The U.S. stats are heartbreaking for animal lovers. Around 9,6 million animals are euthanized each year in High Kill Shelters and pounds all over the U.S. And what is even more depressing is that many of those High Kill Shelters don´t even use euthanasia shots that kill animals in seconds. Many of those backwoods High Kill shelters use gas chambers that take 20 to 30 minutes to kill those innocent dogs and cats. They horribly suffocate as they desperately try to get out.

Sadly this will go on until every single animal lover in the U.S. understands, that High Kill shelters do this in part because few people adopt and the shelters need the ¨space¨ to fill with even more dogs and cats to kill.

Below are a few recommendations to help animals at shelters: 

a) It it very important to adopt/foster animals from your local animal shelter. This will give the animals a chance to live at a home with a loving family. And more important, those animals will get a opportunity to walk out alive of High Kill Shelters.

b) You should go to a vet you trust and have all your pets spayed/neutered. This will prevent unwanted litters and more animals living on the streets. 

c) You should never buy your next pet. If you buy a pet you are only supporting puppy mills and the horrible living conditions in those awful places. You should remember that there are lots of animals at High Kill Shelters and pounds waiting for a chance to live and be loved by a family

d) Support only No Kill Animal Shelters. These type of shelters don´t kill animals unless they have a terminal disease and have to be humanely put to sleep with the euthanasia shot.

e) If you can´t adopt/foster for whatever reason, please donate to your local No Kill Animal Shelter, animal rescue or animal sanctuary. Every Dollar helps them keep up their good work and save even more animal lives. 

f) If you are having money problems and can´t donate, please go to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Please crosspost every single animal you can. Crossposting, tweeting, etc does save lives, because it gets the info out there to people that can adopt, foster, rescue or donate. 

If you are thinking about surrendering your pet, think again. Surrendered pets at High Kill Shelters and pounds have a hold period of less than a week before they are killed. If you still want to surrender your pet, please give him only to an animal loving friend or family member.  PETA, HSUS, and the ASPCA DO kill animals, please watch this video and visit these links for more info.
 If you are not sure which shelters are really No Kill please visit this link and see a list by state. Please check out

@exposeDOGkiller on Twitter. 

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