Monday, April 2, 2012

Japanese Farmer, Only Hope For Fukushima Animals by Labavenger



If you think the world we live in is full of corruption, lies, and evil persons, then you are not alone. I´ve lost faith in humanity as well.

But from time to time comes along somebody so magnificent that makes you sleep better at night. 

Yep, the superhero I´m writing about is a Japanese farmer that goes by the name of Naoto Matsumara. He does not have the ability to fly or throw laser beams through his eyes, but boy oh boy has he the power to heal animal broken hearts ! Yes this farmer is the only person who refused to leave the Town of Tomioka just 10 miles from the Fukushima plant. 

For a year this man has taken care by himself  of all the abandoned cows, pigs, cats, dogs, etc. What he has found during this time is heartbreaking, animals left to starve dying slow deaths, waiting for an owner that is not coming back. 

But this man is greater that Thor and Green Lantern combined. He lives in a town with no running water and according to Japanese authorities his body is ¨completely contamited¨ which only means one thing: death sentence for this awesome Japanese farmer. 

But Matsumara shows no signs of backing off on his efforts. He leaves the town only to buy food for the innocent animals left behind and comes back just as quick to keep looking after them .

If you think there are no heroes in this world, think again ! If you have a few Dollars to spare and don´ t  know which cause to donate to, then please support : Guardians of Fukushima's Animals  Even if you can´t donate please take a little time to share this article on Twitter or any other social media sites. Maybe somebody else out there can donate to help this man feed those innocent animals. 



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