Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keep Your Pet Safe from Poisons by Labavenger

Keep your pets safe from poisons !

A few weeks ago was the National Pet Poison Prevention Week, and it would be great for everybody who owns a loving pet to know which items can be harmful to your best friend. 
So be sure to keep this list nearby and contact a vet you trust immediately if your pet gets in contact with any of these poisons: 

a) Keep perfumes, make up and lady purses away from pets. Even if you don´t think purses are dangerous, well think again. The stuff inside a purse can make a dog or cat seriously ill. 

b) Don´t let your pets have access to cigarette buds and ash trays. Nicotine is highly toxic to animals. 

c) Every single car, cleaning and gardening  product, pesticides, detergents, and  sprays can also be very harmful to your pets.Keep those products high up and in a locked up drawer or shelf out of the reach of your pets. 

d) Medications must be kept high up and in a locked drawer or shelf as well.

e) Finally keep your pets away from chocolates, antifreeze, raisins, ice cream and mushrooms. Keep all trask bins properly lid. 

For a more extensive list of pet poisons please visit this link 
If you have any doubts and are not sure if an item is toxic for your pet, the best you can do is keep it high up, locked in a drawer  and out of your dog or cat´s reach.
Call a vet you trust immediately if your pet got in contact with any poisons. 

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