Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dogs Must Wear Safety Belts in New Jersey by Labavenger

Dogs must wear safety belts in NJ 

(EXTRA SMALL) Dog Car Seatbelt - Black or Blue 

Do you have 1000 Dollars to spare? Do you want to spend up to six months in a prison?
Well if you don´t care about your dog or cat´s safety that is the kind of fine you will get in NJ each time your pet is not wearing a seat belt attached to a dog car safety harness 
 You can also say bye bye to dogs traveling in the back of pick ups or sticking their heads out the window. 

Animal lovers everywhere rejoice! NJ has done what other states never dared: fine irresponsible pet owners. 
The logic behind this law in the Garden State is simple: people who drive with a pet on their lap get distracted more easily and that can end up in an awful car accident. So NJ is trying to save both human and animal lives ! 
Two paws up for the Garden State, I hope this law becomes common all over the U.S. and why not the entire planet. 

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