Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Justice For Lennox! by Labavenger

Lennox the dog was killed: I´m SO angry at Belfast CC!!
If you are like me and love animals, your blood is probably boiling right now! An innocent dog named Lennox was taken away from his family and the little girl that was his best friend. He was kept inside a prison cell for two years just because of the way he looked. If we the people do nothing to stop this, your dog might be next! 

If you are as furious as me, then please give a piece of your mind to those sub humans at Belfast City Council on twitter @belfastcc
Please contact as well Peter Robinson, First Minister of Northern Ireland. Please ask him for justice @DUPleader 

Visit the hashtags #Lennox  #riplennox  #endBSL  and please follow and support 


Finally please sign this petition below! Don´t forget to share it far and wide so signatures pile up and this never happens again! 

Justice For Lennox! Sign! Remove Alexandra Lightfoot From Her Post as Dog Warden With Belfast City Council Petition 

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