Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pet Corrector by Labavenger

Pet Corrector: A harmless solution for excessive barking ?

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Dogs are great and we as animal lovers love them, but sometimes even the most enthusiastic pet lover might find constant barking annoying. 

Yes dogs have a much more sensitive sense of hearing, and yes high pitch noises surely trigger all the ¨alarms¨ in a dog´s brain and provoke barking.
Even stuff that we as humans don´t find important, like a bird in our backyard will make your dog bark. 

So what to do to prevent/reduce this behavior?

Well, you should play often with your pet. A few minutes a day playing with a ball or a chew toy will do wonders.

You have to remember that your dog needs exercise to feel well physically and mentally. This will help reduce barking up to a certain point.

But what if after the exercise and the walks in the park (with a leash of course) your pooch still barks like crazy? 

Here is where the Pet Corrector comes in. But how does it work? 

The Pet Corrector is a can  filled with compressed air that emits a  “HISS” sound. This sound supposedly emulates a predator´s sound in nature, which sends a signal to the dog´s brain to quit barking. This device 
is harmless according to the manufacturer, and if you are tired of  your dog´s (or your neighbor's dog) barking I say it´s worth the try. 

Just a reminder: Before using the Pet Corrector or any other method to reduce barking, ask your vet if it´s safe for your dog. 

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