Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Dogs Should Play Often by Labavenger

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Why dogs should play often ?

I was searching the web and found a few interesting sites about why it is important for dogs to play. I found out that it helps dogs relief stress, it gives them mental activity and it is a good exercise. 

It does not matter if you make your dog chase a ball in your backyard or pull on a rope toy you are holding. 

When your dog plays he releases much of the stress he has from being lying around on the floor or just because he wants to spend time with you.

If you are a busy person, just 15 minutes of retrieving toys will help a lot. Most dogs will get tired after chasing a ball or any other toy for fifteen minutes. 

So please spend just a few minutes with your dog as often as possible. 

They will thank you inmensely and you will be helping his mental and physical health. 

Please always watch your dog when you are playing, go to a vet you trust and have your pets microchipped . By microchipping your dog it will be easier to find him if he gets lost. 

Please ask your vet to spay/neuter your pet. Please adopt, foster or rescue dogs and other animals don´t  buy, please don´t support puppy mills. Finally, if you think you cannot keep your pets, give them to an animal loving family/person.Don´t abandon your pets at a No Kill Shelter or High Kill Shelter, please remember that all animals deserve a good life and to be happy. 

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P.S.: These two sites above were not the source for this article, but you will get a lot of valuable info by visiting them. 


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