Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy to Make Rope Toy by Labavenger


Easy to make rope toy for dogs

Has the recession affected you? Do you have enough money for dog food and taking your dog to the vet, but toys are out of the question?

Then your prayers have been answered. Go to your local hardware store, and buy 2 feet of a natural fiber rope like manila hemp (natural fibers won´t make your dog sick). Try to get a rope that is at least one inch thick.

Tie a knot on both ends of the rope, and that´s it!

A cheap and easy way to make a toy that your dog will love for weeks or even months (depending on rope quality).

Just remember to play with your dog for a few minutes. Make your dog bite on it, so he/she will be interested to chew on it later on.

Fun doesn´t get any cheaper than this.

Please ask a vet you trust if it ´s safe for your dog to be playing with a natural fiber rope, just to be extra safe. 
Please no matter how bad things are never surrender your pets to a High Kill Shelter or a No Kill Shelter. Please instead of surrendering your dogs, cats,etc if you  feel you can´t keep your pets, give them to an animal loving family/person that you know will give them a good home. Please e mail that animal loving family asking for pictures of your dog,visit him often, and ask for updates on  how he is doing. 

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