Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Lost Pets by Labavenger

Hurricane Sandy´s lost pets: Help to find your best friend 

If you lost a dog, cat, hamster or any other pet here are a few recommendations to help you find your furry friend

a) Go immediately to your local animal shelter or pound and ask them if they have your pet. Please don´t forget to bring a picture of your dog with you. 

b) Place flyers: Yes, I know it sounds old school but flyers can actually help. Place flyers around your neighbourhood and city. Ask vets, dog trainers, animal shelters, etc permission to post your pet´s flyers so you have a bigger chance of finding your missing friend. 

c) Social media does help! Yes, even if you don´t like technology and computers, visit sites like Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets on Facebook. 
Twitter is a powerful tool as well, so post pictures and info related to your lost pet, and ask people to RT. Don´t forget to use hashtags like #HurricaneSandy so more people can read about your furry friend. 

d) If your pet is microchipped  provide your dog´s microchip info to vets, animal shelters, pounds, and basically anybody with a microchip scanner that can help you get your dog back.

e) Pray: I know it may sound silly if you are not Catholic and you are not a fan of God, but praying to St Francis de Asisi might actually help.

Hope these tips helped 

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