Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Protect your Dogs in Winter by Labavenger

How to protect your dogs in Winter

Winter is a difficult time of the year not just for humans, but for dogs as well.

There are a few things you should remember before taking your pets out of the house for a walk.

a) Beware of antifreeze and other chemicals when you take your pets outside

Don´t let your pooch lick his paws when he is on the snow. Antifreeze and other chemicals will attach to his paws and if he licks his paws he can get severely ill and even die.

Wash your pet´s paws with warm water and a washcloth right after your walk is over.

It is also good if your pet wears boots or you can also put a wax for sledding dogs calledMusher´s secret on your dog´s paws. Please ask a vet you trust before putting this sledding dog´s wax on you dog´s paws. 

Even if your pets wear boots or the wax for sledding dogs you must clean your pets paws entirely with warm water and a washcloth after each walk.

b) Your dog must wear a coat

Some people out there want us to believe that dogs don´t get cold because they have fur. But there is nothing farther from the truth.

The fact is that most breeds, specially short haired dogs, puppies, and ill dogs can feel as cold outside as a human with no coat.

You should get your dog a coat or sweater that has a turtleneck and covers the belly and the tip of the tail.

If you have any doubts on the type of coat your pets should wear this winter please ask a vet you trust. Please remember to always walk your dogs on a leash, have them wear an i.d. tag on their collars and ask your vet to put a microchip implant  on them. 

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